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Deploy your own custom ERC721 contract here! An ERC721 contract allows you to mint 1/1 NFTs, not multiple editions. Choose your ticker and contract name carefully as they will be on the Ethereum blockchain forever 😱. For more info click 'the How To' tab.

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Mint your 1/1 NFT here!🎨 Upload your art and metadata to IPFS first then enter the details here after. You can add your preferred royalties too, if your contract includes the EIP-2981 update. For more info click on 'How To' tab.

How to Deploy

  1. Click on the ‘Deploy’ tab on wemint.art.
  2. Choose your own ticker and contract name, eg: 'ART' and 'My Art Contract'. Choose the names carefully as they will be on the Ethereum blockchain forever.
  3. Click ‘Deploy!’.
  4. Metamask should bring up a window telling you the gas fees to deploy. If gas is too high for you, wait and keep checking etherscan.io gas tracker for gas prices to drop.
  5. Once you've deployed, you can check your contract by going to etherscan.io and entering your wallet address. You should see the contract creation hash and all the details under your profile.
  6. You have now deployed your own custom ERC721 contract on the blockchain!

How to Mint

Here we describe the easiest and quickest way to mint your NFT.

  1. Create an account on pinata.cloud
  2. Upload your artwork to IPFS on Pinata, by clicking 'Upload' then 'File'.
    Hot to upload to piniata
  3. Wait for your artwork to go through the pinning queue. Depending on the file size, it can take some time for it to pin. Once it's pinned, it'll appear in the list marked 'Pinned'. Your artwork is now on IPFS.
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  4. Now you need to create your metadata file. Download this template and use a text editor to edit the name and description, without modifying any of the surrounding code. This is a basic template. To learn more about metadata, read Opensea's Guidelines.
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  5. Copy the CID of your artwork from Pinata by clicking the 'Copy' button.
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  6. Paste it into your metadata .json file, after the prefix 'ipfs://'.
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  7. Save your metadata file with a name of your choice, then upload your metadata file to Pinata the same way you did your artwork.
  8. You should now see both your artwork and metadata files uploaded and pinned on Pinata. Your artwork and metadata are now both on IPFS. You're ready to mint!
    Hot to upload to piniata
  9. On wemint.art, click the 'Mint' tab.
  10. Enter your contract address. You can find it on etherscan.io, as described above.
  11. Click 'Load'.
  12. Enter your metadata URL on wemint.art. This is the CID of your metadata file plus the prefix 'ipfs://'. You can get the metadata CID from your Pinata page. Remember it's not the CID of the image file, it's the CID of the metadata file!
    Hot to upload to piniata
  13. Enter your preferred royalties if your contract includes the EIP-2981 update. If your contract doesn’t include EIP-2981, you won’t see this option. Remember that EIP-2981 isn’t accepted by the major NFT platforms so it won’t make any difference yet! For now, if you sell on Opensea for example, you can set your royalties there when you swap.
  14. Click 'Mint!'
  15. Wait a bit. Depending on the file size, it can take a couple of hours before you see your art on opensea.io and rarible.com. You may see a different placeholder image while your NFT is loading (eg: your Opensea profile pic). Don't worry, it just takes time!
  16. Your artwork is now minted and you can list it for sale!